Abortion is NOT birth control. It is not a fetus; it is a living being that deserves protections. Only under extreme circumstances is abortion justified, such as the life of the mother, rape, and incest (less than 1.5% of all pregnancies). While we must limit abortion, we must also address the adoption process. As a ward of the State, I would have gladly taken any family; I needed a safe-haven, and we must address the problem and the solution.


Justice should not be based on how much money a person has or who they know. The justice system should not be based on judicial quotas; however, this scenario is far too common in urban communities and needs to be addressed. If a President can be impeached solely for a difference of philosophy, without an underlying crime, imagine what happens when members of our community get caught up in the legal system. As your Congressman, I will use my vote to make a change.


The 13th District has one of the slowest economic recoveries and the highest crime rate of all the metro Atlanta congressional districts, second only to the 5th District and behind the 4th. I will work to create an engineering hub with aerospace and high-tech manufacturing facilities and foster small business growth across diverse specialties. I support small business mentoring and small business incubator programs, including support for minority and veteran-owned businesses.


We need healthcare reform in America, and we must address mental health issues before they lead to crime and homelessness. Americans need a health care system that provides affordable access through increased free-market competition, reduced prescription costs, and options to seek mental healthcare, drug rehabilitation services, and experimental healthcare (right-to-die) treatments without the red tape.


We have immigration laws passed by Congress, and we MUST ENFORCE the law or change it. An unchecked flow of immigrants puts an undue burden on our infrastructure, endangers the health and well-being of all American citizens, and discounts the journey of those who immigrated legally. We should also consider the Dreamers and immigrants in the process of legal citizenship. The system is a broken political football and we must focus on the solution over political leverage


Georgia’s most valuable citizens count on Social Security and Medicare benefits that are at risk of insolvency. I support reform that protects our citizens and their benefits and forever blocks Congress from pillaging these hard-earned dollars. In today’s unprecedented times of bailouts and loans, we must protect Social Security and Medicare benefits from pet-programs and special interest. Social Security and Medicare funds are not a rainy-day fund but a life-fund for many Americans.


Caesar for Congress

I am an ardent supporter of Constitutional Carry and ensuring the preservation of the Second Amendment. Removing the rights of citizens to bear arms only affects law-abiding citizens, not criminals. I believe in responsible carry, responsible ownership, and responsible education; however, the right of gun ownership shall not be infringed.


I stand with our Founders, and support the First Amendment which reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


I view the obligation of providing for veterans and their families as an American responsibility and the ultimate performance of a contract. The value of each veteran’s service in ensuring our freedoms must be measured by how we care for veterans and their families. A veteran’s care comes before any illegal immigrant.